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Cyril Bellin, merchant and independent salt producer  :

"I am happy to have been able to restore Ernest's marsh and to have  trained in the traditional craft of the Sauniers  "  

  Construction started in February 2016. It took me 1 year to prepare this project.

It was in 2015:




I am also happy to have been able to reunite through this adventure  customers, friends and Internet users  (a hundred) who were sensitive  to the rehabilitation of the Ernest marsh and who supported me  via crowdfunding collection on  :






I did not have the know-how to embark on the adventure alone and could not follow the official training course of the Sauniers which lasts 7 months in partnership with the salt workers of Guérande,  I myself  am self formed  by hiring professional Sauniers with whom I was able to restore the marsh and begin my apprenticeship in the trade. Exercising a delicatessen activity in Ars en Ré  all year round under the name "Le 1Bis"  , and working alone, I couldn't afford to close my shop  as long as.  

Many thanks to Léonard, Vincent,  Michele and Thomas...  Fernand, Jérôme, Pierre and Chris as well as the team of   AEMA


find  me and my products  in stores:

Le 1Bis, Grocery  Fine

1bis, rue du havre -17590 -  Ars en Re  -   Tel: 05-46-37-56-90

The Ile de Ré Shop

sold online


Siret: 50302425900023 - 50302425900031

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