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Ernest's Salt


-Terroir  & Tradition-

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Ernest's Marsh

This small plot of 20 salting areas (harvest squares) has remained abandoned.  for over sixty years.  This sea field was once exploited  by Mr Caillaud Ernest,  Saunier harvesting. It was in 2016 that the clay bottoms resurfaced  after a long restoration work  and that the wasteland has regained its  configuration of the past, according to the wish of its current operator, Cyril Bellin: to resume the History of the marsh,  where it was interrupted in the past and retain its original identity in order to perpetuate the transmission. This is how "Le Sel d'Ernest" has since been cultivated again in pure tradition.


Terroir of the Ile de Ré  


- Capture of La Chabossière -

Plot 35

Ernest Caillaud


Salt  of Terroir

Coarse Salt & Flower of Salt

Natural Sea Salts

Our Sea Salt is harvested in our salt marsh in Ars en Ré in a traditional way according to the principle of evaporation in the open air.  

Our ancestral activity is entirely manual and depends essentially  climate and weather conditions. The harvest takes place in summer because we have  need the  sun and  its heat to optimize the appearance  precious crystals. After natural drying with  Sun  and by the wind the salt is sorted  manually in order to  eliminate any  natural impurities (clay, wild grass, insects, seafood shells)  then we condition it. It does not undergo any transformation or refining, thus retaining all its benefits  natural,  minerals and  trace elements that compose it.

“Gastronomy is the art of using food to create Happiness” 

- Theodor Zeldin -


Indispensable ally

What would we do without him? ... Not much, finally what is certain is that the Kitchen would no longer be quite the same. Everything is in balance, no more, no less. Whether for boiling, cooking in salting  or in a crust, develop marinades, for a very specific preparation associated  to herbs and  spices or as a final seasoning,  the detail that makes all the difference, and that awakens the taste buds of epicureans,  foodies and gourmets.

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Phone:  05 46 37 56 90

mail: Le Sel d'Ernest - 1bis rue du Havre- 17590- Ars en Ré

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